Barn door quilt-a-long!

So, um, do you guys maybe want to make a quilt with me next year?

Maybe this one? (More pictures here.)


Ok, let’s do this!

I plan to keep the pace pretty slow because I know there are plenty of other great projects you may have in mind for the new year. But I’ll give you the information you need to work ahead too, in case you’re like me and you get all excited and like to focus on one thing at a time.

Barn door quilt-a-long schedule:

  • November /December – fabric requirements & selection
  • January 6 – cutting
  • January 13 – assembling the HSTs and hourglass unit
  • January 20 – assembling the strips
  • January 27 – piecing the X
  • February 3 – adding the top and bottom borders
  • February 10 – quilting & finishing
  • February 24 – final link party celebration (with at least one giveaway, possibly more!)

I wanted to post the fabric requirements early so that you can plan ahead a bit. (Maybe allocate a Christmas present or 2 in this direction!)

This quilt is a little bit different because it is primarily long strips rather than small components. I used a set of 6 half yards of the Japenese text prints (available here) and a couple yards of the polka dots from my stash.

For simplicity, in calculating the fabric requirements below I assumed you would use just two different fabrics – one light and one dark. I also assumed you’d be using a non-directional print or a print that runs the length of the yardage rather than selvedge to selvedge. If you are using a print that runs selvedge to selvedge (as the text print I used did) you will have to piece a couple of the longest strips. This didn’t bother me a bit. This is patchwork, let it be patchy! 

Ok, fabric requirements. In short, you’ll need 5 yards for this quilt top – 2 1/2 light and 2 1/2 dark. But here are some more details: 

  • Light fabric: a 2 yard cut will provide enough 3 1/4 inch strips for the main X and the top and bottom striped borders; you’ll need an additional 1/2 yard for the 44 HST (you’ll have some left over, but 1/4 yard is not enough)
  • Dark fabric: same as light fabric above
  • Finished size of the quilt: 63 3/4 by 79 3/4

It might be helpful to know that the 2 longest light strips are 58 1/4 inches and the 2 longest dark strips are 52 3/4 inches. If you don’t want to have to piece your strips at all, you’ll need at least that length.

I haven’t 100% committed to my fabric choices for my 2nd version of this quilt yet. I haven’t made a quilt for my 2 year old yet so I’m thinking this one will be for him! My initial thought is to combine my men’s shirt collection with Carolyn Friendlander’s new line Botanics, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

Here’s a little inspiration to get you thinking. These are the types of images I originally had in my head when I designed this quilt.

barn door

Barn door 2

barn door 3

For more great inspiration and ideas, I’m so excited that my genius friend Anne of Play Crafts generously agreed to do a post about some color choices for us today! She also drew it up in Illustrator for us, which is way beyond my technological abilities. Be sure to check it out. Thanks Anne!

I also created a Flickr group so please feel free to start talking about ideas and posting potential fabric pulls.

This is going to be fun!