WIP wednesday: gypsy wife update

I’ve made a bit more progress on my Gypsy Wife quilt:


I’m afraid I might have been a little too proud of the perfectly protected points on this block:


When I say the points are “protected,” I mean the points that face toward the outer edge of the block. See how there is a substantial 1/4 inch surrounding them? That means when the block is joined together with the other blocks, the points will still be nice.

But then this challenging block came along:


I’m afraid a few of those points aren’t going to make it. In fact, a few of the inner points have already been sacrificed as well (the outer tips of a couple of the black striped pieces). But, on the bright side, a lot more points are intact and lovely! I can definitely live with it. Considering that it took an entire morning, I’m not redoing it.

One thing I really appreciate about quilting is how incredibly challenging it is to get it just right. Even the absolutely gorgeous and jaw-dropping original Gypsy Wife quilt might be missing a few points here and there if you really study it.

The quilt along schedule for February also included these “filler blocks”:




All together now:


The pattern calls for all pinwheel blocks but I thought it’d be fun to mix it up a bit. These blocks took 2 days instead of 1 because I used so many different fabrics, all of which needed to be starched and pressed. But now I’ve got those fabrics all ready for the next blocks! I keep them all in our hallway hanging on the railing, as if having a whole room devoted to sewing isn’t enough. #howquiltersannoytheirpartners

A few of these filler blocks will get small borders before going into the quilt. I decided to wait on that so I have more flexibility with my color placement. Since these blocks are constructed to some extent in pairs, I don’t want them to end up too close to each other.

This is such a fun quilt along. The quilt is really challenging, but taking it slowly through the year makes it doable for beginners and more advanced quilters alike. If you decide to join and have any trouble with any of the trickier blocks, I’d be more than happy to walk you through it to the best of my ability. Just email me.

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