WIP: kilim quilt

I haven’t technically started cutting or sewing yet, but I feel like I’ve already come a long way on this project (previously blogged here) just by figuring out the design and choosing fabrics.


I spent a lot of time coloring in this rather large color & piecing guide. But I think it will be time well spent because now the design and color placement are all but finalized. And bonus: I can see it across the room.

I used double stick tape to attach the individual pieces to the wall so I can take the one I’m working on to my cutting station. The design has 8 whole blocks, 6 half blocks, and 4 quarter blocks. To create the half and quarter blocks, I’ll actually be able to piece a whole block and then cut it.


That would have been far too confusing if I didn’t have this handy color chart.

For the fabric, I chose Art Gallery Pure Elements, which I am delighted to tell you were provided by Fat Quarter Shop because they have agreed to sponsor this project!


I chose Pure Elements for 2 main reasons. The first is because I had a strong suspicion that these solids would be really soft and shimmery just because they’re Art Gallery. I was not disappointed. They’re gorgeous. But, even more importantly, I was drawn to this line because it’s a cohesive, limited collection. There are only 54 colors and they all seem to look great together. Ordering solids online can be tricky, so a line like this helps.


I have ordered just a couple more shades to give myself some additional options. I love this stack but it doesn’t quite capture the contrast of the colors from the rug. This stack is almost too coordinated.


I ordered a truer red, a less-blue purple, and a less-green yellow. That should give me an effect closer to that of the rug.

Kilim rug photo

After the holiday weekend I’m going to hit this project hard! I can’t wait.

Be sure to check in with me tomorrow because I’ll be giving away my very first blogger bundle, from the really cool Canadian site Fabric Spark!

Amy Butler is in the building

Um, so how did I not realize how amazing Amy Butler fabric is? Why didn’t you guys tell me???


These are the beauties I got with my Red Pepper Quilts / Southern Fabric gift certificate. Thanks so much to both you ladies!

It is a very good thing that I already had a plan in mind for these when I ordered them because otherwise they’d clearly be too pretty to ever cut into.

Our first project for the Penny Sampler class is this quilt:

love those Comma periods!
I’m going to do the petals in Amy Butler and the background in the beige stripe from Marmalade:

DSC05252 DSC05244

I’m experimenting with eliminating solid backgrounds a la Sarah Fielke.

In other news, how cute do those fat quarters look folded Jeni Baker style? I’m loving it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share my first block for WIP Wednesday late tomorrow!

Penny sampler: first fabric pull

Have you seen the Penny Sampler class over at Stitched in Color? I’m a pretty big fan of Rachel’s, so of course I was “in line” (online) early the morning registration started.

Penny Sampler Welcome

This quilt is truly epic- the kind of quilt that takes real time and effort and ends in supreme satisfaction. I am so excited to get started.

I’m toying with the idea of making 2 of these… Or maybe just making the main blocks each twice and using them in some gifts. It seems like it’s hardly any more effort once you get each block figured out. The lovely Laura from Little and Lots had the brilliant idea to do Christmas colors. It’d be fun to do a second set of blocks and use them for Christmas presents.

First things first though: I have to gather my first fabric pull for the project. I’ve said it before and I really believe it: fabric selection is the most important part of making a quilt.

 DSC04466 DSC04462

The first picture shows the main scheme I’m thinking: teal, turquoise and pool blue. The second shot shows backgrounds (black, white, and every shade of gray from barely gray to deep steel blue gray) as well as accents (pink and orange). My backgrounds are all prints- I’m loving texts especially right now. Obviously this fabric pull is a big shout out to Anna Maria Horner, probably because I’m a little enamored of her.

A few more detail shots just for fun:


DSC04489 DSC04495

If you’re really observant you may have noticed that this color scheme is a bit familiar- as seen in this mini and this teacup block. I was somewhat intentionally testing this color scheme when I took on these smaller projects. I like the results in both cases so full speed ahead I guess!

Lastly, tomorrow is the last day for the You Show Me Yours I’ll Show You Mine linky party!! If you have been waiting till the last minute don’t forget to link up tomorrow by midnight!

WIP Week: the “wish I had a girl” quilt


Here is today’s WIP!

But first a little trip down memory lane. I made my very first quilt when we moved my older boy into a big boy room before the birth of his little brother. Apparently my husband and I are no good at making baby girls! He likes to think this is because he’s so manly. 🙂


(Don’t look too close, I was a total sewing novice… terrified each time I needed to refill my bobbin. I folded it so you can’t see the hole in the backing where my seam allowance was too small and has fallen apart in the wash.)

Despite the fact that I don’t have a girl myself, I have purchased some pinks and purples in anticipation of someday having a niece (I have 2 wonderful nephews!) or making a quilt for a friend’s daughter. So when I got my new sewing machine and needed to test it out, I decided a simple square patchwork quilt would be a perfect way to get to know my new machine… and I made it fuchsia! With a little blue just because my mind can’t comprehend a quilt without blue in it.

This is the fabric pull I started with.


Usually when I do square patchwork I make a little color chart based on a 9-patch. With the one pictured below for instance I made a rule that there’d be a red in the middle of each 9 patch and then designated the 8 surrounding spots with specific colors as well. This helped me get the colors evenly distributed. It also created some very subtle secondary designs that I really like. Can you see vertical turquoise stripes and the dark blue-gray lines crossing the quilt at an angle?

whit's quilt

I wanted to try to loosen up a bit with this one but I’m honestly regretting it. I just sewed them into pretty pairs and then assembled rows of 6 that looked nice together. I figured I’d be able to mix and match it from there but it’s not coming together. I keep getting squares of the same fabric too close together. I don’t have a design wall yet and that may be the problem. Or it might be that there are not enough fabrics to make this work. (I keep trying to explain to my husband that it takes A LOT of fabric to create a proper stash…) The last time I made a big fabric order I included a few fabrics (on sale!) that I knew would work with this quilt and my plan now is to unpick it just a bit and hope that adding just a few additional fabrics will help me finish this.

DSC03680 DSC03688

I’m planning to do some kind of hand quilting in the solid squares.

Almost every quilt I’ve made has had a very specific destination in mind but this one is currently homeless. I think it might be a good contender to start an Etsy store but I’m not sure.

On Monday I’ll share my last WIP quilt and a few recent non-quilt projects.

I’m going to take the weekend off! Ha ha this blogging is like a job. But a really really fun one. Thanks for visiting.