Barn Door (BQF: Part II)

I love working with patterns (I was an English major, not a math major) but there’s something extra special about designing a quilt yourself.


Barn Door is my original design but I know it is the result of inspiration from a variety of sources. I spend a lot of my stay-at-home-mom-free-but-not-really-free time online looking at quilts. I’m a really obsessive focused person so quilting is much more than a hobby for me. I have a hard time not cringing when people refer to it that way actually. So when I have to step away from the sewing machine because I have something important to do (like eat) my natural inclination is to stay quilt-focused by reading books and magazines about quilting and more often than not, reading quilting blogs.


I am constantly inspired by the quilts I see you all making. I know that this design springs out of the many, many quilt images that are constantly floating around inside my head. But I did have a few more specific inspirations at the time that I made this sketch.


My primary inspiration was this quilt by Meg Callahan. (I know. Genius.) My fabric and color palette inspiration was master of low volume Red Pepper Quilts, whose blog brought this fabric line to my attention. The inclusion of dots instead of solid white is definitely inspired by Sarah Fielke, whose declaration “I don’t use solids” in the forward to her book Quilting From Little Things really got me thinking.


I originally intended to piece the strips by joining the fabrics with 45 degree angle seams, like when you’re making binding. This would have given the whole quilt a smoother appearance (fewer seams). But when I got started I realized that the math involved would be way beyond me, at least if I ever had any hope of sharing this pattern with anyone else. So instead I opted for half square triangles and a lone hourglass unit at the center.


For the back I knew I wanted to use up some of the leftovers. Of course then I got a little carried away playing with letters.




As usual I did straight line quilting because I like the fabric and piecing to be the primary focus. And also free motion quilting scares me.

I would definitely consider sharing this pattern with you guys if there is interest. Maybe a 2014 quilt-a-long?

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Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Part I


My first entry for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is this wall hanging I just completed as part of the machine paper piecing portion of the Penny Sampler class. I intentionally chose a much different style and feeling than my main penny sampler quilt (you can see my most recent blocks here). This quilt is softer and prettier with a somewhat matchy and limited color scheme. It also employs cream and beige whereas my penny sampler uses bright bleached whites. I was going for a bit of a vintagey vibe, can you tell?


I like that I can picture this fitting into a real kitchen without trying too hard and stealing the whole show.


This was only my second-ever attempt at machine paper piecing (the first being these pretty awesome airplane pillows). It’s not as hard as it looks! I love the crispness and precision of it. For me, it will never replace traditional piecing and appliqué but I definitely think it’s a great tool to tackle tricky shapes. And it’s just plain fun.

Oh, and for those of you who are worried that I am not going to follow through on this teaser, do not fear! My second entry in the BQF is coming. Watch for that sometime over the weekend!

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Tease Tuesday

Just a tiny sneak peak today at something I’m working hard to get done in time for Blogger’s Quilt Festival.


Unlike a lot of my projects lately, this one is my own original design. I really hope you guys like it!

Linkups for BQF open Friday and run through the following Friday (October 31). The week after that is voting! The festival is such a great source of inspiration and connection. Definitely check it out if you’re not already planning on entering.

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