Quilt for baby

A few weeks ago I made some little stuffed toys for the baby’s room… and then somehow a quilt sprung out of the same fabrics. Spontaneous combustion?


It was more of a challenge than I initially expected! The pattern came from an older Fons & Porter publication (Fat Quarter Friendly). It suggested needle turn appliqué as an alternative to the curved piecing typically required for a classic winding ways quilt. Sounded good to me since I have needle turn experience but I haven’t tackled curved piecing yet.

Trouble is, the points really need to line up in order to create the “winding ways” effect. After my first block I realized it definitely wasn’t going to happen by luck. After a restless night’s sleep I came up with the idea to piece the background blocks first and then sort of manipulate the appliqué points to approximately come together enough to create the design. It worked! But it was definitely challenging and a little backbreaking. I quickly decided to reduce the overall size of the quilt and add a border! That cut the number of blocks I needed from 20 to 9.

Here it is before quilting.


I hand quilted around all the appliqué shapes.

photo-20 copy

And now I am feeling more ready than ever to have this baby!

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WIP: Modern flower garden

Ok, after a very nice date on Wednesday night I got right to work on Thursday!

This quilt is quite a bit of work, but I am really enjoying the process. Machine appliqué is a really different experience than the piecing I usually do. It’s fun to discover new tools and methods. I especially enjoy having preparatory steps that can be done away from the sewing machine. I’ve been doing a little here and there and this is what I’ve accomplished in just a couple of days.


I did one test block to check everything first- always a good idea in case there is something you need to adjust or reconsider.

DSC05333 DSC05359

I have about 20 (of 80) additional petals ready. I’ll probably continue to work on these a few more days and then take a break and start work on the first few blocks of the main Penny Sampler quilt.

Check out this sketch stitching:


I just love the effect it creates. And on the practical side, this quilt will be very durable for machine washing.

So that’s what I’ve been working on! It’s been more of a sewing week than a blogging week, but I have an exciting post planned for tomorrow introducing a new series I’ll be featuring this fall. Talk to you then!

Finish it up Friday: handwork

I’m so thrilled to say that I have completed my appliqué and hand quilting project!


You can read more about it here and here.

This project surprised me. I expected needle turn appliqué to be really challenging and hand quilting to be more straightforward. It was just the opposite! I thought the needle turn was very doable and Sarah Fielke‘s method (from her Craftsy class) worked great for me.  The hand quilting was harder. I used Sarah’s mini-tutorial but I just couldn’t get it. I probably gave up on doing it right too quickly… I ended up just putting the needle all the way through and then bringing it back up. It looks fantastic on the front but the back is a little bit of a mess!



A charming mess. 🙂 I sometimes let myself do things incorrectly at first and then try to refine my method as I go. In this case it doesn’t matter because it will be a wall hanging. But if I ever want to do a bed or throw quilt (and I do!) then I’ll have to try harder to do it correctly because how it looks on the back will matter more.

By the way, I will never complain about threading a needle with normal thread again after threading my needle with that danged pearl cotton so many times! That was a pain.

I really miss my sewing machine! I spent the better part of the last 2 weeks on this project and my thumb is sore from grasping a needle. I can’t wait to get some good machine sewing in next week.

That said, I love how this looks and I definitely will be doing more appliqué and hand quilting in the future.


Thanks for visiting! Come back Monday to hear about a new project I’m developing using men’s shirts!

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WIP Wednesday: Sarah Fielke applique update

Checking in quickly today to share this progress on my very 1st appliqué & hand quilting project.


The applique is done! It went really well. Hand quilting? Harder. 🙂

You can read more about this project here!

I hope to have it done by Friday- in time to link up with Crazy Mom! And today I’m linking with Lee @ Freshly Pieced, kind host of Work in Progress Wednesday.

Thank you guys so much for your kind comments and support of my EPP tutorial! It’s been so fun to hear your thoughts. I’ve already updated it a bit due to a thoughtful question. Thank you!

WIP Week: Sarah Fielke Applique

To kick things off this week I’m going to post a work in progress each day! It’ll be interesting to see how many days that takes because to be honest I’m not sure how many WIPs I have. Not too many I hope but I bet we’ll make it through the week.

Today I’m going to feature the project I am literally working on right now. Ok, not literally right now because I’m literally typing on a computer right now. But it is the project I will be working on during nap time. Have I mentioned I have 2 toddler boys? I’ve had to work very hard to achieve an overlapping nap time! It’s truly delightful.

Anyway, what you really want is pictures so here we go:


This project is from Sarah’s class on Craftsy which I really highly recommend! I’ve probably watched it through 3 times. Sometimes I just put a class on in the background while I sew to keep me company! I do that with APQS radio too. Have you checked that out yet?

I have several objectives with this project.

  1. First is to try needle turn appliqué for the first time. I have done a little machine appliqué and some english paper piecing and dresden appliqué but never the ultimate appliqué challenge.
  2. Second is to try hand quilting. I just adore the look of Sarah Fielke-style hand quilting. It adds a whole extra element of love and detail.
  3. Third is to finally cut into the Anna Maria Horner scrap bags I recently ordered! It is sometimes so hard to cut new fabric, isn’t it? You’d think scrap bags would make that easier but somehow that hasn’t been the case. I think it’s because this is my first experience with AMH fabric and I am very much in love.

So far I have gotten everything cut and glued down. I also sewed one side of a bias strip stem down before bed last night just to see how it went! That wasn’t really very brave because it was similar to other appliqué I’ve already tried. Once I get started on the actual needle turn part my skills will be put to the test.


I’ll be back tomorrow with my next WIP!

(Thus concludes my inaugural blog post. Yeah me!)