Friday finish: modern flower garden quilt top

I finished a quilt top this week! It’s the perfect quilt for spring, although these are the only flowers you’ll see where I live for several weeks yet.


I’m very pleased with my decision to vary the backgrounds and leave out the sashing. (I discussed that decision in my funkify post).


This quilt was the practice appliqué project from the Stitched in Color/ penny sampler class. If you guys have the opportunity, I would highly recommend Rachel’s classes. They are a commitment, so it’s best to plan ahead and devote most of your sewing time to the class while it’s in session. But it’s worth it. I learned a lot and it definitely paved the way for the projects I’m doing now.


Let’s talk about quilting this heavy son of a gun! Stitching in the ditch won’t be enough because the blocks are 13 inches. And I don’t want to straight stitch between the petals because they probably aren’t uniformly positioned enough and I don’t really want to break them up that way anyway. The only decent option I can come up with is to hand quilt around the petals. I would use a white thread – creating texture rather than contrasting color because the sketch stitching is already decorative enough.

I know you’re going to say that FMQ all the backgrounds would be cool, and you’re right. It would. If I knew how to do that. I’m not willing to take that on right now because I’m too anxious to start my kilim quilt. Do you think having it long-armed is a good idea? I’ve never sent a quilt out for quilting before.


I’m actually considering selling this quilt, and maybe neon sampler as well. Have any of you had good experiences with that? Do you know anyone who might be interested? I’d really like to get a nice new camera for blog photos, and EQ7 (design software). And someone has to pay for my plane ticket to Quilt Con next year! My intention isn’t to make it into a “business,” but more of a “self-sustaining hobby” if that makes sense.

I’ll be back for WIP Wednesday next week with my finished color chart for the kilim quilt and my fabric choices. It is going to be a very happy mail week.

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Amy Butler is in the building

Um, so how did I not realize how amazing Amy Butler fabric is? Why didn’t you guys tell me???


These are the beauties I got with my Red Pepper Quilts / Southern Fabric gift certificate. Thanks so much to both you ladies!

It is a very good thing that I already had a plan in mind for these when I ordered them because otherwise they’d clearly be too pretty to ever cut into.

Our first project for the Penny Sampler class is this quilt:

love those Comma periods!
I’m going to do the petals in Amy Butler and the background in the beige stripe from Marmalade:

DSC05252 DSC05244

I’m experimenting with eliminating solid backgrounds a la Sarah Fielke.

In other news, how cute do those fat quarters look folded Jeni Baker style? I’m loving it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share my first block for WIP Wednesday late tomorrow!