Stops and starts

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I was able to get a little sewing done this summer!

Gypsy Wife I

Gypsy Wife I

Gypsy Wife II

Gypsy Wife II

Gypsy Wife III

Gypsy Wife III

Berry Basket (Noodle-head's free tutorial)

Berry Basket (Noodle-head’s free tutorial)

Diaper Pouches (another free Noodle-head tutorial)

Diaper Pouches (another free Noodle-head tutorial)

Noodle-head poolside tote

Noodle-head poolside tote

Unfortunately, I’ve stalled out again due to heartburn and general 3rd trimester soreness and fatigue. It’s so frustrating! My heart is happy and my mind is engaged but my body just can’t do it right now. It is encouraging to feel like myself again in my own head though. I feel confident that I will get back to daily sewing and more frequent blogging next year. That confidence is a comfort to me because I really lost it during the worst of the early pregnancy woes.

Here I am a week or 2 ago when I treated myself to a blow-dry and a pretty dress.


I’m 29 weeks now and hoping to give birth in early December around 38 weeks so I will have time to recover before the Christmas holiday. Follow me on Instagram for nursery setup updates and eventually pictures of a sweet little babe!

7 thoughts on “Stops and starts

  1. You’ll get there but only after you’ve dealt with this rather more important event in your life! πŸ™‚ I wish you well for the big day.xx

  2. I’d say your body is telling you to concentrate on the primary form of creativity, and to stop worrying about lack of progress with the other stuff. That said, what you have made is extremely pretty, and I love your fabric choices! Your Gypsy wife fabrics are my favourites amongst all the GW SALs that I’m following, and I hope you’ll have the time and energy to finish her once Bump has arrived.

  3. Baby bump!! You are so beautiful. πŸ™‚ I love what you’re making but I hear making a baby takes lots of effort, so we all understand if you aren’t making other stuff at the same time. ^_^ I hope your baby follows the schedule you’ve got planned and you’re able to be recovered by the holidays!

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