Friday finish: modern flower garden quilt top

I finished a quilt top this week! It’s the perfect quilt for spring, although these are the only flowers you’ll see where I live for several weeks yet.


I’m very pleased with my decision to vary the backgrounds and leave out the sashing. (I discussed that decision in my funkify post).


This quilt was the practice appliqué project from the Stitched in Color/ penny sampler class. If you guys have the opportunity, I would highly recommend Rachel’s classes. They are a commitment, so it’s best to plan ahead and devote most of your sewing time to the class while it’s in session. But it’s worth it. I learned a lot and it definitely paved the way for the projects I’m doing now.


Let’s talk about quilting this heavy son of a gun! Stitching in the ditch won’t be enough because the blocks are 13 inches. And I don’t want to straight stitch between the petals because they probably aren’t uniformly positioned enough and I don’t really want to break them up that way anyway. The only decent option I can come up with is to hand quilt around the petals. I would use a white thread – creating texture rather than contrasting color because the sketch stitching is already decorative enough.

I know you’re going to say that FMQ all the backgrounds would be cool, and you’re right. It would. If I knew how to do that. I’m not willing to take that on right now because I’m too anxious to start my kilim quilt. Do you think having it long-armed is a good idea? I’ve never sent a quilt out for quilting before.


I’m actually considering selling this quilt, and maybe neon sampler as well. Have any of you had good experiences with that? Do you know anyone who might be interested? I’d really like to get a nice new camera for blog photos, and EQ7 (design software). And someone has to pay for my plane ticket to Quilt Con next year! My intention isn’t to make it into a “business,” but more of a “self-sustaining hobby” if that makes sense.

I’ll be back for WIP Wednesday next week with my finished color chart for the kilim quilt and my fabric choices. It is going to be a very happy mail week.

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23 thoughts on “Friday finish: modern flower garden quilt top

  1. I agree with Sheryl, unless you put the price of long-arming into the quilt price (which honestly, you should) it might not make sense to send it out. On the other hand, hand-quilting takes forever so you’d want to charge for that, too. 🙂 Sending quilts out is kind of fun!

  2. Yes, the varied backgrounds are wonderful. What about if you just machine stitch another black sketch line in each pedal? Or use your off white, and stitch just off each pedal? Save yourself some $$, you can do it!! : }

  3. Sounds like you are having growing pains, Sarah. I feel for ya! Yes, a self sustaining hobby is an ideal way to look at it. You really must come up with some solid plans for all these wonderful ideas!

  4. Really fabulous. I love the scrappy feel and the bright coloured flowers. I have just started using EQ to design paper piecing blocks. I am sure I only use 10% of it capabilities at the moment but I think a good camera is essential.

  5. I love this quilt. Hand quilting will be beautiful. I enjoy hand quilting. I say yes to having a long arm quilter quilt a quilt for you. But I would check with other quilters who have a long arm quilter they use. Or if there is a shop near you that will let you rent their long arm you might enjoy that. I have had quilts done by long arm quilters a few times. The first lady did gorgeous work and she did a couple quilts for me. She had a waiting list close to a year out and I had a quilt that was being raffled before then so went to someone else, and I was disappointed with it.

  6. It’s so pretty, Sarah! Congratulations on your finish. This is a quilt I think would sell on Etsy. One straight line quilting idea that might look nice is an all-over diamond grid, say 2″ diamonds. Thanks for the kind words about my classes!

  7. Such a pretty quilt top! I vote straight line quilting a 1/4″ off each seam, then are the petals big enough to use your walking foot to echo one line around the outside of each flower? That may be enough to hold it all together and you would see the flower on the back of the quilt too? I’d love to get this hobby self-funding!

  8. I don’t think you could go wrong with the quilting on this beauty. I’ve never hand-quilted, but it seems like a big time-commitment to me; but sending it out adds cost. (I’m not much help am I?) Also, if you decide to sell, please don’t undervalue your work. Your quilts are gorgeous and their are people out there who will pay a fair price!

  9. Love this quilt! This is so beautiful and I think sending it out is a good idea. It will give you time to get to your other projects and sounds like the frustrations of the quilting and the weight of it might be time consuming too. I haven’t sent one out yet either,but think I am going to do one of my harder ones that haven’t made it back on the active list. Plus, you know they will do it justice if you love their work:)

  10. I rented time for my last three quilts and it cost quite a lot on top of the materials and time I already had in, so I wouldn’t vote for that or sending it out *if* you want to sell it because it would be hard to recoup the cost, especially if you ascribe to pricing along Molli Sparkles’ guidelines. I’d second Serena’s idea or hand quilting. But whatever you decide, I’m sure it’ll look beautiful when it’s done, Sarah! And I hear you about flirting with a business. I’m in that process right now and it’s tricky deciding what direction to grow in!

  11. Gorgeous work, Sarah! I echo everyone’s comments/concerns re undervaluing yourself from the get go. You need to find someone who’ll appreciate the time you put into it — do you have any local shops that carry handcrafted goods? We have a few in town and my mom has suggested trying to work something out with them back when I thought I’d have all this time to finish things (turns out I don’t, ha!) They likely already attract a clientele that’s willing to pay the extra price for something beautifully made. As for the quilting question, if it’s as heavy as you say I’d worry about the durability of the hand quilting (but this is coming from someone who has very little confidence in her own abilities). Either way it’d look gorgeous, but if you do plan to sell that might be one thing to keep in mind, too 🙂

  12. Love it! Your Flower Garden and my Happiness quilts are close cousins in fabric and colour choice. I’m hand quilting a heart in each coloured square, and outlining each square 1/4 from the edge to add stability. Big stitch hand quilting, of course. Life is too short for the teeny weeny stitch stuff….

  13. This is one groovy quilt! I absolutely LOVE it!!! If you do decide to sell, I am possibly interested. Let me know! I was not in to the penny sampler enough to take the class but I am wishing I’d learned a lot of the skills it covered. There has to be another scource out there that covers this type of appliqué. Then again, if I buy your quilt, I won’t have to just yet. 🙂

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