Obnoxiously upbeat Monday post

I’ve talked before about how I love the fresh start of a new morning or a new year. I feel the same way when I finish a project, and boy did I just finish a big one.

I have been working so hard on a super-secret-not-allowed-to-talk-about-it project for the last couple of months and it is finally done. I cheated a little and shared this picture on instagram:


That’s as good as it’s gonna get until April! I am extremely excited to share this project and the related tutorial. It’s going to be a really fun one.

In the meantime, I am taking great pleasure in choosing which project to focus on next.

Gypsy wife?


Modern flower garden?


Something brand new?

One thing I’ll definitely be working on this week is a Noodle-head divided basket for myΒ barn door quilt along winner! Mr. Random chose number 1, Kris from Sew Sunshine, who made this beauty:


I’ll be working with Kris to choose colors and fabrics. Maybe I’ll work on that while I’m still trying to decide which quilt to work on.

Which quilt would you like to see me choose? Gypsy wife or modern flower garden? Something new?

I’ll be back with my answer for WIP Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “Obnoxiously upbeat Monday post

  1. What a lovely set of choices you have there! Personally, I’d love to see you hammer away at the Gypsy Wife–it has such cheerful colors and a fun variety to the blocks…. Beautiful Barn Door winner! Kris’s quilt has a nice wood-inspired texture!

  2. That Barn Door is fantabulous! Such great colours. I’m going to buck the trend and vote for the flower garden. I reckon it’s going to look really lovely and a bit different and I like that πŸ™‚
    E xx

  3. Oh the suspense! I will try to be patient:) Both of those look great, but I would like to see the flower garden come to life!

  4. congratulations, kris! what a cool and breezy barn door. =)

    oh, go for more gypsy wife! I love yours. then again, that flower garden is pretty cool. how about something completely new and unexpected?! (no help at all, I know.)

  5. Oh, I love Kris’ Barn Door – those colors are neat! I vote for Gypsy Wife. I’m anxiously watching a few of you working along – loving seeing all the bright colors and whimsical blocks getting paired up : ) And I look forward to your big secret reveal next month!

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