Friday finish: barn door II

I finished my barn door II quilt!


Sorry for the inside pictures lately. It is seriously -16 today and the snow is above my waist in our backyard.


I was so happy to finally use the Waterfront Park bridge print! I bought a whole yard of it because it’s so awesome, but every time I pull it out it’s not quite right. Until now! I guess the lesson is to be patient with those favorite prints; the right quilt will come along.


I’m really happy with how the back turned out too.

I’m curious how you guys think this second version compares to the first?


I’m not sure which one I like better.

Monday the final barn door quilt along link up opens! If you participated in the quilt along be sure to link up for a chance to win a Noodle-head divided basket handmade by me! I’ll even let you pick colors/fabrics. The link up will be open until Monday, March 10.

If you didn’t participate in the quilt along but would like to make this quilt, here’s the chart that basically gives you everything an experienced quilter would need to make the quilt: Barn door assembly chart. Just be sure to send me pictures!

A little extra blog business to tack on here: I owe you guys a book review winner! gave me number 55:

This book looks great, especially as I am not a solid lover either. I don’t buy them usually and have very few in my stash. My favourite quilt book is Sunday Morning quilts because I love the scrappy look. Thanks for a fun giveaway too.

Yay Kay! I’ll email you for your address and get that off to you right away.

Linking up for finish it up Friday!

27 thoughts on “Friday finish: barn door II

  1. I like both your versions, but especially the little bit of orange you added to the second one. I started the challenge with you guys, then had to drop out when life got too busy. Seeing your finish makes me want to get it back out!

  2. Both quilts are beautiful! Great job! I really love the binding and backing! You always do such a great job with your quilt backs lined up perfectly and wonderful designs! I have a thing for quilt backs but sometimes struggle to design them. Thanks!!

  3. Fabulous finish Sarah! I love both the barn door quilts they are two different stories! You have done an amazing job with the quilt along! Have a great weekend. Marie xxx

  4. I’ve always liked the first one, but I love, love, love the second one. I think it’s the higher contrast between the triangle sections in the second one that I like so much. Both of them are winners.

  5. nice finish Sarah! I like this one best as i prefer the color scheme and i like the way you used low volume and colors to define the center portion. I do like seeing them side by side and one of my favorite things about quilting is how different colors and layouts can highlight different elements in the same pattern!

  6. Oooh it looks wonderful!! I think I prefer the second one as I like the way the colors flow together a bit better, but they’re both beautiful quilts. 🙂 Wonderful job!!

  7. I guess you’re just not that hardcore if -16 is cold to you ; ) Kidding! I actually think the quilt looks really great against the brick, so a delightful photo op as a result of this terrible winter. And I love the second one. Both are lovely, but I just really am drawn to that navy as the accent – it’s a refreshingly masculine quilt compared to all the brights/pinks I am usually drawn to, plus your backing is spot on. Awesome work, Sarah!

  8. Your indoor photos look great! I hear you though. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to get back outside. I think I like the second quilt better though I love how for both of them the fabric selection meant so much to you and was considered so carefully.

  9. I think I like the original quilt better, but I really love the fabrics/colours in the second one too. That bridge print is so awesome, but they can be bit difficult to use, eh? (You just don’t want to chop up all those bridges by turning them into half-square triangles or something…)

    I think I finally settled on fabric for this project, should I ever get around to starting it… I’ve drawn it out three times already though trying to figure out fabric placement! The line has red, green, pink, yellow, and brown fabrics and I’m afraid of making it look Christmasy by having too much red and green together, so maybe it’s not a great one to use. I don’t know! Decisions.

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