It’s better to give…

than to receive.

Receiving? Also good.


I received a couple of truly lovely surprises this week from my friends Daisy (Ants to Sugar) and Michelle (Factotum of Arts).

I happened to mention on Instagram (@sarahschraw) that I didn’t have any brown fabric. As in, none. At all.

So Daisy and Michelle each sent a fun little package with some brown fabric and a few extra surprises thrown in. (Because when quilters pay postage, we make the most of it).

Thanks so much you guys!

Now for the giving part!

I have 2 custom bundles to give away from 2 different events this past weekend: the Grow your Blog blog hop and Sunday Stash.

From the Grow your blog giveaway, Mr. Random chose lucky number 2-5!

I love your quilts!! I would love for you to pick what color bundle.. I love any!!!

Whitney blogs at The Running Stitch, so after a little super-secret investigation this is the bundle I came up with for her:


I hope she loves it!

From the Sunday Stash giveaway, Mr. Random chose lucky number 1-0-5!

I added my link!

Nick (who blogs at Quilts from the Attic) requested purple and green. It was an extra fun challenge to create a fabric bundle for a man! I had to stalk him a little to be sure I got it right.


I hope this works for you Nick!

Maybe it really is better to give than to receive. This was a ton of fun! These bundles will go out tomorrow, along with the bee blocks I’ve been dreading. Must. Do. Today. 48 HSTs, here I come…

19 thoughts on “It’s better to give…

  1. oooh that teal and purple bundle is to die for! And definitley still has a bit of a masculine vibe. It is good to be part of the quilting world, isn’t it 🙂 Fabric love being shared around everywhere!!
    E xx

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