Barn door quilt along: week 4

I thought you guys might need some encouragement at this point in the process! Keep it up you guys, your quilts are looking amazing. In no time you’ll have a quilt top like this:


I really like this second version. I’m going to give it to my 2 year old. We’ve already been talking about it and he reports that he especially loves the animals and bridges.


After this quilt, and my previous barn door, and my penny sampler, I think I am officially ready for a short break from text and low volume prints! My next quilt is going to be a little brighter (and yet darker). I can’t wait to show you.


I know you guys are not quite ready for instruction on borders yet, so I’ll hold off on that until next week.

Let’s go ahead with the link up though, so I can see where you’re at. Next Monday I’ll do a post on borders and have a new schedule ready for the rest of the quilt along!

If you are looking for the previous posts in this series, here are the links:

14 thoughts on “Barn door quilt along: week 4

  1. nice work Sarah. You need to tell me how you get so much time and energy to pump out these Nice work Sarah. You need to tell me how you pump out these quilts and blogs with 2 ilttle ones. I am not that fast. Slow and steady like the tortoise…..:)
    Looks like a little boy quilt.

  2. I’m still trying to decide what to do with this one! I know what fabric I’d like to use (something I have a jelly roll of, plus charm squares) but every time I think about trying to scale the size down (to say a baby quilt) my brain just kind of explodes and goes NOPE. Anyway, one day…

  3. That is looking awesome! I love this one too. I havent used a lot of low volume or text yet, so I am still so in love with it. Cant wait to see the next????hmmm….

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