Barn door quilt along: week 3

There really isn’t a lot to say this week, except keep up the good work! I loved seeing your progress last week.

Now, if you are feeling behind, please do not stress. Let’s see how everyone is doing next week when we do another link up. If we need to adjust the schedule we’ll do it then!

Here’s a recap with links to the posts:

  • Week 1 (January 6) – center rows (9-15)
  • Week 2 (January 13) – top rows (1-8) & link up for week 1 progress
  • Week 3 (January 20) – bottom rows (16-23)
  • Week 4 (January 27) – borders & link up for weeks 1-3 progress
  • Week 5 (February 3) – quilting & finishing
  • Week 6 (February 10) – final link up celebration & giveaway

5 thoughts on “Barn door quilt along: week 3

  1. Ugh, I am so far behind. Why do I do this to myself? I need to do some furious stitching this week, since I’ll be out of town next weekend. I love my family, but they keep getting in the way of my sewing….seriously…

  2. I’m so far behind I haven’t even started! I thought I had my fabrics decided upon and then was out for a walk when inspiration struck in the form of a run down old farm shed, now I need to go back and take a photo so I can select the fabric. Am I the only one this far behind?

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