Sunday stash: countdown to the big one


I’m very excited to be hosting Sunday Stash next week, but I’m also feeling a little Sunday morning guilt about all my recent purchases.

If you’re on Instagram, you were no doubt aware of the HUGE destash party that occurred under the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash. (It’s still going, actually.) It was crazy fun, and it just so happened to fall on my birthday. I had already been planning a couple of acquisitions because I sold my Accuquilt, but now I had the opportunity to add to those funds by a little destashing of my own.

A perfect storm ensued and now I actually don’t even know how many parcels are coming my way. I sent off quite a few too, so it’s not as bad as it’s going to look. But I’m warning you now, it’s going to look bad. Come back for that next week and do your best to keep a straight face when you tell me it’s not that bad.

So this week I need to be sure I share everything already in my possession so my list next week will be a little lighter.ย Thanks to the uber-talented and generous Kelsey and Amanda of Everyday Fray I received this bundle from Westwood Acres.


Catnap! So cool! And not something I necessarily would have thought of on my own, in a good way. The colors are fabulous and the prints are cute in a kind of hipster way.


There are some great basics too, which is something I’ve been focusing on lately.


I’m not going to set out to make a completely Catnap project, but I greatly look forward to the playful element it will add to many projects.

I gave you a peak of this happy bundle last week, but I didn’t really talk about it.


I got a fat quarter bundle of Color Me Happy by V & Co.ย This is definitely her best line yet. So pretty, which is a welcome change after working with the more masculine prints of Botanics for my barn door quilt.


My final recent purchase was this charm pack of April Showers.


I’m loving the greens, navies, and grays of this line.


Definitely some great basics – contenders for ordering yardage when it comes out.

Ok, come back next week and see my Sunday stash of shame! Maybe I’ll get lucky and some of it won’t come in time.

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21 thoughts on “Sunday stash: countdown to the big one

  1. Don’t feel bad, I am actually quite jealous. I have been wanting to get some color me happy since I Vanessa introduced it on her blog! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great choices! The pain-in-the-neck thing about Moda is that they release lines for such a short amount of time and stores cannot reorder from them – you were wise to get the Color Me Happy and April Showers fast- I try to not “wait” on Moda lines I absolutely “have to have.” For me, I am seriously thinking about putting myself on a fabric diet because we are buying a house and need to put money into that instead of more and more fabric – packing it up has made me realize how ridiculously big it is too!!!!!

  3. All of those are on my list. So needless to say, I have serious fabric envy going on over here. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for next week! And HAPPYBELATED BIRTHDAY!

  4. say it with me, “ain’t no shame in my fabric game.” you can’t make pretty things without fabric. right? i am so loving that color me happy and i want it something fierce. i too am having fabric quilt this weekend as I just bought more – it never ends!

  5. Ohhh… I have been resisting Color Me Happy, only because I still have two FQ bundles of Simply Style and Simply Color to go through… But I am feeling SOOOO tempted right now to get that bundle!! Yummy!!

  6. Well, I’m late to the party, as always, but I’m glad you said something about #thegreatfabricdestash. Somedays I feel like I’m so behind the times that an AARP magazine will show in my mailbox any minute. Working on getting used to instagram. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your stash!

  7. Happy Birthday! (presumably belated birthday wishes) I’m not on instagram so had no idea there was a global destash going on, how does one keep up all the social media without it eating into sewing time?
    I’ve got a little bit of catnap on its way as well, hoping it arrives soon.

  8. Gurrrlllโ€ฆ. you have a problem! But it’s one of those problems that I totally endorse and encourage. Go on, buy some more fabric, one more fat quarter won’t hurt you! Yeah, I’d totally be that friend. HAHAโ€ฆ Glad to see you being so honest about your purchases as I’ve been hiding a few of mine! See you next week (if we can find you under your packages!)

  9. I love all of your fabric stacks. I really like the greys and blush tones in the catnap. And that Color Me Happy looks like something that needs to go on my wish list asap. Ummm… and Happy Birthday!! Hope it was great!

  10. Well to be fair, you sold some fabric, and you won some fabrc, annnnnnnd it was your birthday! A girl is total entitled to splurg a little on her birthday – and any other day when the purchase is fabric related ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m glad the catnap arrived!

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