Friday finish: my 1st art quilt

Do you guys remember when I was inspired by Ann Loveless (art quilter)?

Last Saturday morning (when the kids were with grandparents) that inspiration led to this:


Pretty cool, right?

It was really fun to try something completely different. Ann is writing a book about this method, so I think it would be wrong of me to do a full tutorial. But in short, you rough cut 1/2 inch squares and use interfacing to attach them to muslin. Then use more interfacing to attach the focal point (in this case, a fussy cut butterfly) and stitch over everything in the design of your choice. I’ll let you guys know when the book comes out!

This is the perfect use for those pretty strings that are maybe just a little too skinny for their own good.


This is definitely something I’ll be trying again, perhaps with Anne and Adrianne’s Radiant Orchid challenge in mind.

On an almost entirely unrelated note, I came across the best tip on Pinterest the other day: Lynne from Lily’s Quilts has a quick tutorial on reinforcing a too-scant seam. I wanted to share that with you right away because it’s something I really wish I’d known when I was assembling my penny sampler! Then I wouldn’t be so afraid to wash it…

Linking up my first art quilt with Crazy Mom!

16 thoughts on “Friday finish: my 1st art quilt

  1. You had me at butterfly, here. The two black print lines on the left really give some lovely dimension to the whole thing.

    Thanks for the tutorial link – it’s nice to know that there are options for fixing those seams other than tearing the whole thing out and resewing. I never would have thought of interfacing.

  2. I’m headed to check out that tutorial RIGHT NOW. It sounds too good to be true. Your art quilt is pretty fantastic, too! Do you stitch all over your design before or after making the batting sandwich? Or maybe both?

  3. Love your art quilt! And such a great use of all the little tiny bits that get saved! (and in my case sit in jars never to be seen again, but are way to pretty to get rid of!)
    Maybe an art quilt is in my future?!

  4. It looks like you’re having fun trying new techniques. I’m excited that you are thinking about joining the radiant orchid challenge. I bought the Pink Chalk fabric bundle, and now that it has arrived in the mail, the fabric stores are calling me to come find the right shade of Kona for the challenge 🙂

  5. Definitely a great use for those skinny strips! I remember that art quilt post; her entry was awesome. I hope her book has some easy basics to try because I know I could never work in the magnitude of Ann’s talent! But I’d love to give what you made a whirl. And thanks for that link to the scant seam thing. I had seen that before but forgot about it.

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