Year in review link party!

A couple of years ago when I was up a lot nursing my first baby, it occurred to me how very encouraging it is to see morning come each day. A new start. Today could be a great day! Let’s welcome the light and the fresh start it brings. 

But how much more so a brand new year!

And most importantly for purposes of this space, a new project year. What quilts will you make this year? What quilts are you most proud of from last year? How does your first quilt last year compare to your last?

After a great email exchange with Anne of Play-Crafts, we decided that it’d be great fun to review our year in quilts and encourage you to do the same.

So this is the first quilt I made in 2013:


Complete with mistakes like this one:


This is how I learned that my standard Singer presser foot measured 3/8 inch

And of course you guys have seen the last quilt I made in 2013:


My beloved penny sampler

I feel like I have come pretty far in a year!

Here are a few more 2013 quilts you haven’t seen before because they’re from the first half of last year, BB (before blogging).

Untitled design

And of course there’s the ones you have seen:

Untitled design

Some of these I still really like, others I would definitely do differently now. But I share them with you this way because I want to be mindful of the possibilities this year holds, and really challenge myself to make the most of it. I think these mosaics do tell a story of growth and achievement. I want to take that further this year.

I’ve been hearing buzz that there is momentum in the quilt industry to offer alternatives to the quick and easy trend. Which is not to say that simple quilts aren’t beautiful (I will always love square patchwork) or that we’re going to abandon our beloved beginners. (You know about my beginner’s series, right?) But sometimes it’s exciting to take on more advanced designs and push yourself to the next level.

That’s one of my big goals for 2014: I want to carefully choose a few really complex and time-consuming projects that will (hopefully) yield really special quilts. My hope would be to look back at the end of 2014 and have a few new favorites to rival my penny sampler.

I’m not going to get too specific about my plans. I find that I get sick of projects even just thinking about them too much ahead of time! For now, it’s enough to know that my very first project of 2014 is our barn door quilt-a-long (so excited! I hope you’re joining me!), followed by some major WIP clean up (read about that here). By the time I get through those I’ll have picked out my next big project.

Now Anne and I want to hear from you! Write a blog post about your year in review and your goals for this year and link up with us! Many of you have already written about this, and we welcome you to link up any relevant posts here. (Anne has an identical link up on her blog so your link will show in both places.)

24 thoughts on “Year in review link party!

  1. What a lovely post. You are very lucky to have Anne to help keep you motivated and share ideas with. I also love that you shared your mistakes – I’m all for that, as it ‘keeps it real’ for people who look at quilts and just think that they’re impossible to achieve, such as me! 🙂

  2. Agree with Diane above about sharing mistakes! I love seeing other quilters post them because it shows we all do it, and aren’t so bad or crazy when we get frustrated when things don’t work!!! There are always lovely photos out there of finished projects and I think sometimes it can be disheartening if you struggle with something, and think you’re bad at your craft because you can’t produce perfect works like other bloggers. I know it’s something that stopped me when I first started quilting, when things wouldn’t work out so well. I got over it though!!

  3. Love love love your HSt quilt! This is on my to do list. How did you pick the fabrics you used with the grey? Beautiful. Linking up:) Thanks for being in my Top 5!!! xx

  4. wow, sarah! what a variety of excellent finishes. I’m so impressed. i’ll have to get a post together to take a look at my own work for the year. have you really only been blogging for part of this year?! how long have you been quilting?

    I hope you are right about more complex designs on the horizon. I’m ready for that. in the beginning, small bits were so tedious and frustrating for me. I wanted and needed big pieces; simple, quick finishes. but as I was working on penny patch last month, I found myself enjoying all the little bits and completely surprised at how engaging and engrossing it was working with smaller pieces. I realized I was ready to move on, that I had evolved as a quilter to the point where I wanted to do something different. having finally (almost) finished a quilt for each of my children really helped with tha,t too. now that the pressure is off to produce 7 quilts, I can delve into a complex project and spend time there!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the year brings for everyone!

  5. You know how much I love your Penny Sampler quilt, I ended up getting myself the ebook, based a lot on your beautiful example of it! I can’t wait to see what you make in 2014! It’s so exciting to see how we each progress. 😀

  6. I am looking forward to learning more about the more challenging quilts you are thinking about doing and seeing your progress. I am also thinking about that too and hope to dig into some long term projects once I get moved. Happy New Year!

  7. I’m glad to hear that you’re still totally in love with your Penny Sampler Quilt because it is totally fab. I also love the idea of making a more challenging project. There are a couple of ideas I’ve been considering that would take awhile, but I think would be totally amazing when done. I might just have to think about this. 🙂

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  10. Thanks so much to you and Anne for hosting this linkup. It’s been so fun looking at all of these great projects. Your penny sampler is one of my favorite projects I’ve seen this year. I’m excited to see that amazingness that 2014 will bring you!

  11. Was that a red/pink half-rectangle-triangle or half-square-triangle quilt? Either way, it stood out to me! I love that one! And, of course, your Penny Sampler. One day, it might be far far away, I’m going to convince Michelle that we need to explore Northern Michigan. We will come and stay and fight over who gets to sleep on the bed with the Sampler! 😉

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