My Juki, my love

Sew Mama Sew is doing a linkup for sewing machines and I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk a little about my love for My Juki.


There she is, glistening in the morning light.

This is the Juki TL2010Q and I got it last May from Sew Vac Direct for about $800. It would have been $900 but at the last minute I googled “sew vac direct coupon code” and found a 10% off coupon. Score!

There are a few key features I was looking for:

  • I sew every day so I was very concerned about durability. I wanted a heavy-duty machine that would last a long time. (I’d rather spend my $$$ on fabric than have to buy a new machine every 5 years). For that reason I specifically looked for a minimally computerized machine. Computer technology changes too fast.
  • I knew I definitely wanted an automatic thread cutter! In case you don’t know what that is, it’s just a button that you push and something inside the machine cuts the thread for you. That is an A-MAZING feature for a quilter because we sew such short seams all the time. I almost never have to trim threads anymore and my family’s socks are happier too.
  • I wanted a table extension for quilting because I quilt all my own quilts and I tend to make large quilts more often than small projects.

I knew those were the features that mattered, but I didn’t anticipate the best part: my sewing accuracy really improved with this machine. I am definitely not saying that beautiful and wondrous things cannot be created on cheaper machines! I made a lot of lovely quilts with My Old Singer and also every curtain and pillow in my house (there are a lot – just ask my husband). But if you are having trouble getting the results you see others getting, it just might be your machine.

Here’s a big thing I noticed when I got My Juki:


See those feed dogs right under the presser foot? Now look where they are on My Old Singer:


The feed dogs on the right are out of range of a 1/4 inch seam! This makes accuracy really tough, especially when sewing triangles or anything else that requires a scant 1/4 inch seam (if you wonder what I mean by that you can read this tutorial about piecing or this tutorial about sewing perfect half square triangles).


If I had to say something negative to balance out all the gooey show of emotion, I would say that My Juki and I did need to spend some time getting to know each other. For some reason the first 2 days of sewing I had a lot of tension problems. Part of it was because I was using both tension discs. Apparently even though the instructions tell you to thread through the second disc (on top near where it says “Juki”) that’s actually an extra tension disc for sewing with silk thread. Things got better quickly when I was instructed by Sew Vac Direct to bypass that disc. Unfortunately in the process of getting that all figured out I managed to bend my automatic needle threader. I just thread it manually for now but I’m sure I’ll eventually need to get it fixed.

So that’s it! She’s My Juki and I love her. She gets me through the most stressful days of raising 2 toddler boys… One of whom is being a true stinker this morning.

17 thoughts on “My Juki, my love

  1. So glad I saw this! I am looking to get a new machine in the next couple of months and thought I had decided on a Brother model…but after reading your post, I’m going to have to take a closer look at this Juki! Thanks!

  2. I think I mentioned before that I have the Brother version of this machine and I love it for FMQ on my quilting frame. It’s so fast that I have trouble piecing on it, but I haven’t practiced that much. It’s a great machine. I know why you love yours!

  3. I’m jealous too! I want a Juki soooooo baaaaad (whiniest of voices, I know you can imagine it, you have toddlers!) but I can only have 1 machine right now, because of space constraints, and I do too much garment sewing to have a straight-stitch-only machine. The end. (Ask me sometime about my auto-buttonhole feature and be prepared to be creeped out by my love for my Janome.) Thanks for writing up your machine! When I get my sewing room in the next 1-2 years, a Juki is on my list.

  4. I just bought a new machine this week! (A Janome). I’m so excited to start sewing lots of things on it, and trying triangles, especially! My old machine had the same issue as yours, the feed dog was not in line with 1/4″ seam so had a lot of pulled and caught fabrics.

  5. I have the same machine and love it too, but me needle threaded broke after like 2 days. I can.t believe how much better this machine makes my fmq look.

  6. Never used a Juki, but they look nice and I hear they are great for FMQ too. Faster motor I think and an automatic thread cutter will change-your-life! There is no going back!!! I think I save an entire spool of thread per project:)

  7. i am so in love with my juki, too! i wanted badly to stick with my original machine, but i am happy i made the investment (blessed that i could, actually) and it has definitely improved my sewing for some of the reasons you’ve noted. i DID NOT know the tip about the tension disks! thank you. i haven’t had tension problems, but there were a few times in the beginning i got thread breakage and it felt so tight in those disks. this may be the reason. =) i didn’t know the wonders of the thread cutter or the knee bar until this machine. they are awesome. my daughter loves to cut the thread for me, but i have to make sure she only does it when mama says to. she did it once when i was in the middle of fmq, which caused me a lot of work to fix, bless her.
    yay for juki!
    and your coupon score!

  8. Thanks for the insight into your machine! I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Jukis but the feed dog placement is a new one for me – must be the biggest advantage of the straight-stitch machines. Makes great sense!

  9. Oh thanks for this post, I have been looking at that machine…Torn between it or a Janome. This helps a lot since I am looking for the same things you mentioned you looked for.!

  10. I also have the Brother version of your new baby and I love it. I bought it back in 1999 and it’s still going strong, it must have a million miles on it by now. I don’t have the extension table, but I had my husband modify an old sewing machine cabinet to fit the base of my machine so it lays flat with the top of the cabinet. When I do free motion quilting, I tape a teflon oven liner over the bed of the machine and cabinet top for a smooth, slick surface (be sure to cut a small hole for your needle area first!) Have fun with your new machine, you’re going to enjoy it for many years!

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