Finish it up friday: celebration giveaway

Whew, I gotta tell you, those Your 1st Quilt tutorials were a lot of work! I didn’t get a chance to post any final pictures of the mini in the tutorials because I wanted to leave some binding unsewn for demonstration purposes at my class, but I can show you now:


Cute huh? I can definitely see a poinsettia on top of that this Christmas. Ooh, or maybe a bowl of red and green M&Ms. Or my Mom’s peanut brittle! (Hi, Mom).

To celebrate finishing all 6 tutorials, I’m going to offer a very special giveaway. I’ve got a pretty pile of neatly starched and pressed coordinating fabrics that I am pulling from for my Penny Sampler. I am going to cut 2 charm packs from those fabrics for 2 giveaways. This will be a pretty exciting little set of fabric because I’ve been using only my absolute (of-the-moment) favorites for this quilt: plenty of Denyse, Anna Maria Horner, the new Alison Glass text prints, some Violet Craft Waterfront Park, Leah Duncan Tule, etc. You can see these fabrics at work in my sampler so far here.

To enter, I’m asking you to in some way spread the word to your beginner or non-quilting friends that I have these tutorials available on my blog. I’d love it if you’d mention it on your blog, but you can have an entry for any form of spreading the word – even an old fashioned face-to-face conversation. We’re on the honor system here people. Just leave a comment telling me you did it. I’ll leave the giveaway open until midnight next Friday, October 11.

Yes, I will ship internationally. It isn’t a real celebration without all my quilt friends around the world!

The 2nd giveaway is for beginner’s only! The first 10 people to email me a picture of a finished quilt they made using my tutorials will be entered to win the 2nd charm pack. I’ll also feature a picture of the quilt on my blog (if they don’t mind). I’ll leave this giveaway open until I receive 10 entries.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the class I had at my house last Saturday was an absolute blast! 9am – 2pm was the perfect amount of time for them each to sew their own mini. When they left they were all about half done turning their binding.

I provided these cute little bundles:


Each one contained nine 5-inch squares, an appropriately-sized piece of batting, a fat quarter for backing, and a length of binding I prepared in advance. They were all so enthusiastic. One in particular has already gone out and bought fabric for her next quilt! I could see the fire in her eyes. She’s totally hooked. (Hi, Vicki).

I will say that I’m glad I had the tutorials to refer everyone to. It took the pressure off to know that they have something to go back to later if I didn’t make something clear enough or completely forgot to say something important.

Celebrating my big finish (the tutorials, really) by linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Fabric Tuesday!

27 thoughts on “Finish it up friday: celebration giveaway

  1. Sarah, I gave your tutorials a shout out on the Thrift Store Crafter Facebook page and will include it in my next blog post, too (and I really hope I don’t forget that when I’m writing it!). I’m happy to help you spread the word.

  2. My sister wants to learn to quilt but I’m a new quilter myself so I gave her your blog info and told her your blog is the best place to start! I am very thankful for all of your hard work, I have learned so much for you in the past few weeks!
    You are wonderful!!
    Thank you, Jessica

  3. I don’t have a blog, but I sent my daughter links to your tutorials hoping she will see how easy you make it and hopefully she will get the bug. Thanks

  4. My friend Sandra is a new quilter and I have emailed her your blog link so that she can check out your tutorials… I know that she will actually look because she is just like that!

  5. Congrats Sarah on the finish of your beginner tutorials and the mini is just lovely. Well done. Have given you a shout on my Quilts with Personality Facebook. Will link you in a post too! Good luck with it all.

  6. Sarah – I loved making my first quilt with you and have shown everyone. I can’t wait to get going on my next quilt and put all my new skills to use. I have looked at my fabric everyday and just need time to get started!

  7. These are great tutorials Sarah. I have told one of my friends about them as she keeps begging me to teach her, and I don’t have time at the moment.

  8. Pinning you on Pinterest! I think that’s my best megaphone for your lovely tutorials. My fingers are definitely crossed for this giveaway – I’ve been watching your fabric choices on the sampler so far. They’re awesome!

  9. I just gave your tutorials a shout out on my blog…and I nominated you for a Craftsy Blogger award in recognition of all the work you put into the tutorials. Some of the students at school have been telling me that they want to learn to quilt, and I want to work with them one-on-one, but I love that I can also send them to your tutorials.

  10. I have shared with a friend who sews but isn’t yet hooked on quilting. Hoping your easy to follow tutorials will do it. Thanks

  11. I wanted to congratulate you on your work on these tutorials. I actually just had a question around making a quilt sandwhich and I referred them to your tutorials. They are so great! I am planning on giving a shout out to you on my blog soon!

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