It’s starting to look like a real quilt

I laid out all my penny sampler blocks on my bed today.


Pretty super exciting. I love this quilt.

Here’s what’s new:


This one caused me to break my general “it’s not fun anymore if you sew it twice” rule. I had to sew the first diamond 3 times before I got it right. The other 4 were easy-ish after that. I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of working with diamonds!


I’m proud of this one though! That’s a lot of HST (half square triangles) to get right. They line up pretty well! Not perfect but definitely enough that I smiled when I opened that last seam. And I only used my seam ripper a little. (You can’t really tell in the picture, but the white fabric is a white on white text print with a bit of shimmer to it. It really adds to the ribbon effect the block is supposed to have.)


Kinda spooky? Appropriate for Halloween I guess. That green didn’t photograph well. It’s a nice emerald green – Lizzy House Jewels.


This is my new favorite. There’s just something about it. Rachel (our teacher) has been encouraging us choose a light, medium, and a dark fabric for some of these blocks to add dimension. I’m really liking that strategy.

Come back tomorrow to hear about my next giveaway!

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16 thoughts on “It’s starting to look like a real quilt

  1. Looking great, Sarah! I love your hanging diamonds. I’m due to tackle that one today, and am planning on using different prints for the diamonds just like you did. Yours looks so fabulous, I’m now sure I’m on the right track! (Kind of dreading that ribbon star, ugh, but you’re alive and well, eh?)

  2. Seeing it all laid out on the bed, I’m getting an idea of the scale of this quilt. It’s going to be big! It’s really looking great. What a treasure it’s going to be!

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  4. I love how this is turning out! I don’t know if of have enough restraint to go all the way with off white backing a day I think that’s one reason I love it so!

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  6. This is going to be stunning. Those diamonds sound super hard, but they look perfect! I love your use of that bird fabric with the tree. Spooky chic. And that last block is adorable, I love the polka dots.

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