Penny progress

We are almost done with the appliqué portion of the Penny Sampler class!

Here are my blocks to date:

DSC05819 DSC05820

These are the new ones from this week:

DSC05866 DSC05864

DSC05835 DSC05826

My style tends to vacillate between “pretty” and “funky.” The quilt was feeling more on the funky side so I purposely did 2 things this week to start to soften it a bit: I chose floral fabrics for my sunflowers and I forced myself not to sketch stitch them. I think it was the right choice. When we add some of the large sections of borders I plan to use large scale florals and that will do a lot to prettify things as well.

I am going to love the heck out of this quilt.

21 thoughts on “Penny progress

  1. great job Sarah.. i just got back from Rome last night and MUST start my quilt this week.. lots of Great job Sarah. I just got back from Rome last night and have lots of catching up to do but you are inspiring : Aunt Rita

  2. i love it. l love your stash. can i come play in it? the background fabrics all work so well together and yet are all so completely different. i absolutely LOVE the wildlife one–the pattern is great! i love it all and cant wait to se yours done. i am living vicariously thru you on this one ;o) so many fantastic quilts out there and i just cant make them all……

  3. Just loving all your blocks! I still need to make my sunflowers and vines. Then i’ll be caught up!
    That graph paper looking fabric that your vines are on is awesome! So many great fabrics in your sampler 🙂

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