Finish it up friday: hexagon quilt

Just kidding, it’s not really finished. I wish!


But I have (bravely) done the math to see just how long it will actually be until it IS finished. I thought you guys might find this math helpful in case you are considering a 1-inch hexi quilt.

As I mentioned in my hexagon tutorial, hexagons are measured by the length of one side. A 1-inch hexagon is 1 inch per side, but actually measures 2 inches across the long side and 1 3/4 inch across the short side.

I want my quilt to be a throw size so it can live on the back of the couch and be enjoyed by all. I started with an approximate goal of something like 50 x 70. Since I have a pack of 1,200 papers from paperpieces.comย I started my math by trying to figure out if that is enough or if I’ll need to reuse some. ย After some trial and error I discovered thatย if I make 38 rows of 32 hexagons that will yield a 56 x 76 finished quilt. I’ll need 1216 papers, so I will need to reuse some. In fact, I’ll need to reuse a fair amount because I’ve given some papers away and I’m sorting out any fabric that’s not low volume enough (you can read about that here).

So far I have a slab of 70 hexagons all sewn together. I also have a stack of 15 rows of 5 (that’s 75 hexagons). Then I have an additional 270 basted hexies. So I’m about 1/3 done with basting. And some very low percentage done with sewing them together.


It’ll be well into 2014 until I even get close to a finish on this one.

But I’m not depressed by that and I’ll tell you why. I consider this a sort of “bonus quilt.” An extra. It has no deadline. The fabric is all either scraps or mini charm packs I’ve picked up here and there so it hasn’t been a big expense. I’ve mostly worked on it at times I would not have otherwise been sewing: outside watching the kids play, in front of the tv, in the car.


Plus, who wouldn’t want these pretty little hexagons stacks all over their house?

DSC05690 DSC05661

26 thoughts on “Finish it up friday: hexagon quilt

  1. Hi Sarah!
    You are on a good way with your hexies. And on that glass table they look like even more. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Will it be a charm quilt, or are you making more than one hexie out of each fabric?
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! It was such a nice surprise to receive this box of shirt pieces, and the colors are perfect for what I have on mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. slow and steady, right? I always think of my knitting as “bonus” projects too! Keep being brave. That math is not so scary. 1/3 of the way through basting is great. And those hexies are so tiny. I know that quilt would take me five years to make. It will be one to enter in a quilt show or a county fair when you finish, for sure.

  3. I know how you feel I am 200 in on mine and I am taking a rest :-)…7 rows to go which works out to be about 492 hexies to go. I was also crazy using 1 inch hexies ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck – we can share experiences and photos.

  4. Sarah, I’ve been working on my 6 pointed star quilt (English paper piecing also) for about 5 years and I’m halfway done. Like you said, when it’s done it’s done… no deadline. I work on it as I travel and when I go to quilt guild, etc. Love to work on it in the car, waiting for my husband to run his errands. Sure is addictive!

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  6. I love it! I started a 1-inch hexie “pelt” last December, thinking I’d make a sewing machine cover, and then just kept going… mine was at 1002 hexies at the last photo (see giddy99 on Flickr, if you want). I’m trying to get to a bed-size quilt (but I don’t want to know in advance how many hexies that will take). ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You’re making good progress and thinking of it as a bonus project with no pressure to complete immediately is exactly how to go about it. I’ve been working on my 1″ hexie quilt since January and have around 600 sewn together so far with a bunch more basted. It’s slow going, but the end result will be an irreplaceable heirloom. To make mine extra meaningful, I purchased fabric markers in a few colors and have been having family sign fabric before it gets basted. At a glance, it just looks like another text print so they blend right in. I figure I’ll have fun finding them once the quilt is finished.

  8. i love the photos and this project! i think your idea of this as a “bonus” project describes epp very well. i feel the same about mine.i also had the same reality check when i finally did all my math, too. yikes! one block at a time. =)

    thanks for linking up to the “in hand” party and introducing your project. hope you have some progress to share next month!

  9. I have finished mine 1′ hexies oh my god what was I thinking . Now how to finish it. that’s the challenge. I don’t want to loose the shape . buy putting a border on it. any Ideas ? Help plz..

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