I missed you/ What I’ve been up to

Guys! I’ve missed you. πŸ™‚ I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend. The weather here was a little iffy but we still managed to have a really great visit with friends and family.

We’ve been having trouble with our laptop and I’ve been hesitant to blog from our older computer. I have no idea why- it seems to be working fine! I guess I just get thrown off when something changes my routine (“oh no! I’m going to have to login! What’s my password? Maybe I should wait until the computer gets fixed…”)

But I can’t wait any longer now that I’m ready to show you this:



How cute is this block? I keep thinking each block I make for the Penny Sampler could make a stunning full quilt. But this block has lodged itself deep in my quilt heart and I just know I’ll be getting it back out and doing a full quilt in the future. Maybe in Christmas colors? With a row of mittens on the back?

I’ve been laminating all my templates from this class because I know I will be using them in the future. This quilt is too awesome to do just once.

That’s not all I’ve been up to! My Mom visited last week and we spent a lot of our free time on a rescue mission: a QUILT RESCUE mission. I’m excited to share more about that tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peak:


It’s good to be back. πŸ™‚

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20 thoughts on “I missed you/ What I’ve been up to

  1. Your houses block looks great! I think I’m going to do more as holiday-gift minis. Took me all day to piece mine but it was worth it! Is this going to be a VINTAGE quilt rescue story?! Can’t wait to read about it!

  2. the house block is very cute, I could definitely see a quilt or even a table runner out of that block. I wish I had the time to join in the penny sampler you guys have such great pieces coming out of it. Glad you are having fun with it!!!

  3. i.cannot.handle.my.love. this quilt is going to be spectacular. those houses are adorable! girl, you work it! annnnnnnnnnnnnnd. tell me more about this quilt rescue. i’m already enthralled!

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