Your first quilt (a new series)


I’m so excited to announce a new series and (…if you’re local) a big event!

On Saturday, September 28 I will be hosting a beginner’s quilt workshop in my home. My students will each make a 12 by 12 inch quilt from start to finish. The cost will be $45 and I will provide all the supplies. (I cannot imagine anything more fun than shopping for this!) Every attendee will get to go home with the quilt they made + all the knowledge they need to make their next quilt. Oh, and I’ll provide lunch too!

Leading up to the event I’ll be posting a series of 7 tutorials especially for beginners. When I start posting the tutorials look for a new tab on my home page called “Your first quilt.” These tutorials will be a permanent feature here to serve brand new quilters. I hope you will direct your friends here if they want to learn to quilt and you don’t have time to teach them.

Because there’s really nothing more exciting than a first quilt.

12 thoughts on “Your first quilt (a new series)

  1. This is awesome. I had a really hard time finding all the info in one place when I was first learning, so I know this will be super helpful. I’m excited to follow along as I’m sure there are tricks I’ve missed along the way. 🙂

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