WIP: Modern flower garden

Ok, after a very nice date on Wednesday night I got right to work on Thursday!

This quilt is quite a bit of work, but I am really enjoying the process. Machine appliqué is a really different experience than the piecing I usually do. It’s fun to discover new tools and methods. I especially enjoy having preparatory steps that can be done away from the sewing machine. I’ve been doing a little here and there and this is what I’ve accomplished in just a couple of days.


I did one test block to check everything first- always a good idea in case there is something you need to adjust or reconsider.

DSC05333 DSC05359

I have about 20 (of 80) additional petals ready. I’ll probably continue to work on these a few more days and then take a break and start work on the first few blocks of the main Penny Sampler quilt.

Check out this sketch stitching:


I just love the effect it creates. And on the practical side, this quilt will be very durable for machine washing.

So that’s what I’ve been working on! It’s been more of a sewing week than a blogging week, but I have an exciting post planned for tomorrow introducing a new series I’ll be featuring this fall. Talk to you then!

15 thoughts on “WIP: Modern flower garden

  1. Love them so much in the Amy Butler prints! They look fantastic 🙂
    I’m still so tempted to start the full quilt, yours is going to be stunning!
    Great job with the sketch stitching too, fun isn’t it?!

  2. Your petals look great I love them on the striped background :). I just finished cutting fabrics for mine. I can’t wait to see more blocks! Have you decided on sashing yet?

  3. Oooh, I wanted to do this quilt too but chickened out. Your background fabric is great. I love the Amy butler prints– what a different take than Rachel’s! I am telling myself that I can keep this template and make one in January after the fabric dust settles. 🙂

  4. Love that stack of petals…so smooth and pretty! It is nice to have something you can just sit and work on, right? This is gonna be so nice!

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