WIP: postponed

Well, I had wanted to complete and share the first block of my Dogwood quilt today.


I got this far when the call came.

The ever-welcome call from my in-laws that offers, “Would you like us to take the boys overnight so you can go out on a date?”

Um, yes. Yes!! Dogwood petals can wait.

You know you’re a quilter when your husband just accepts that a date night necessarily includes a “quick stop” at JoAnn’s…

9 thoughts on “WIP: postponed

  1. Ha! I love it. My husband always grumbles that he’s the only husband that has to suffer through “quick” stops at JoAnn or a fabric store. I can’t wait to show him this post! Hope you two had fun!

  2. date night > quilting time (especially if the in-laws are taking the kids!). I’m sure your quilt will be lovely, I haven’t started mine either, it’s been too busy around here. I hope you and hubs had a great date 🙂

  3. What a great hubby:) There is an article about a quilter’s husband I will have to find and send you, it is hilarious! Such sacrifices for all that quilty goodnes.

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