WIP week: a break from quilts

DSC03598 DSC03612

We’re wrapping up work in progress week today! I will admit that I conceived 2 new quilt ideas this weekend… but they’re not technically in progress yet so I think I can wait a bit to share them here. Tomorrow I’m going to debut my hide-the-basting-stitches EPP tutorial! Stay tuned it’s going to be exciting.

Today we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled complete obsession with quilts to share a few non-quilt projects. One great thing about quilting is that it teaches general sewing skills. I honestly could barely thread my machine before I made my 1st quilt. By the time I was done with my 2nd quilt, I was much more comfortable with sewing in general. I also learned hand sewing from binding my quilts and that is another valuable tool. I have used those skills to make every curtain and decorative pillow in my house, not to mention 10 or 15 quilts (I really should count sometime).

I think sewing is a really useful skill and I hope to get more people excited about it!

Now of course I take every gift opportunity and turn it into a sewing opportunity! My church put on a casual baby shower for 2 friends of mine who recently had their 2nd and 4th babies. They asked for diapers and wipes but of course I’m a rebel so I sewed something cute instead.

I decorated these little onesies using a combination of english paper piecing (EPP) and machine appliqué.

DSC03598 DSC03581

I also made these name buntings to hang behind the gift tables. I think these will be really fun hung in their nurseries or saved for future birthday parties.


Here’s another non-quilt project that I’m in the middle of:


I don’t know what possessed me to make my first bag such a challenging one! Well no, actually I do know. It was this picture on In Color Order. How cute is that?? I ordered the pattern and it hasn’t actually been too bad considering it was only my 1st ever bag and my 2nd ever zipper. I only have a few steps to go until I can use it… Assuming my husband and I can manage to get away from our kiddos for a weekend. So not likely. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “WIP week: a break from quilts

  1. You’ll never regret knowing how to sew. It is truly a useful skill as well as an enjoyable pastime. The bag is looking great. Don’t be intimidated by those zippers!

  2. How adorable! Those onesies are so sweet and the handstitching is just perfect. Love the bag too. Pretty awesome.

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