WIP Week: Swooning for baby “X”


I can’t say who this is for juuuust in case his Mommy reads this. But in my mind the “x” in the name is a cuter name that I might get a chance to share here sometime soon.


This pattern (called Swoon) from Camille Roskelley (co-designer of the great fabric line Happy Go Lucky) has  taken the internet quilting world by storm. I’ve heard it has a crazy popular Flickr group but I’m still trying to figure the whole Flickr thing out. Any tips?

Camille has a great Craftsy class that features this pattern! It’s another favorite of mine. She’s so cute.

I changed the pattern just a bit by adding the stripes because I wanted the quilt to be rectangular. It just makes sense to me that quilts should be rectangular because beds are rectangular! This quilt is also the beginning of the end of “crib size” quilts for me. My kids have soared past baby stage so quickly that I realized that crib size just isn’t practical. A few more inches in each direction and you’ve got a proper toddler size that they can use for much much longer! This quilt is about 53 by 78 and it really wasn’t that much more work. I hope baby X sleeps with it until it falls apart! I always tell people it would be an honor if the baby poops on my quilt. I want my quilts to be loved and used and abused!

Here’s a closeup so you can judge whether my seams match up! I think they’re actually pretty good. I sure tried hard. I had a bit of a breakthrough with my half square triangles (HSTs). The patterns calls for the method where you draw a line and sew a 1/4 in on either side of it. Mine always always turned out a tiny bit small with that method, even using the Fons & Porter quarter inch marking tool. So this time I sewed just to the side of the line and they were much better! I was pretty excited. My flying geese still need work I’m afraid. I need to do a whole quilt of just flying geese to practice. It’d be fun to do a post on trial and error with flying geese and HSTs.


This quilt features 3 different blue fabrics from my first fabric designer love, Denyse Schmidt. I still snatch her fabrics up regularly and find them to be very useful stash builders.

This quilt actually only just barely qualifies as a WIP because it is so nearly done! Just about 12 more inches of binding to sew while watching tv tonight. I can’t believe I used to dread the binding! It’s one of my favorite steps now.


Once it’s bound I will wash it (cold water with a color catcher) before it gets sent off to surprise baby X’s Mommy. I’ve started washing all my quilts before sending them out so the receiver isn’t surprised by the change in appearance that occurs after the first wash (referred to as “quilt crinkle”). How do you guys feel about quilt crinkle? I’ve tried to like it but I’ll admit that I don’t. There’s just something about a nice, crisply starched unwashed quilt! I recently learned that quilts are never washed before photographing for publication. That makes sense but it also sets us average home quilters up for disappointment when our quilts don’t look like their pictures!

Come back tomorrow to see the 3 (yes, 3!) long-term english paper piecing projects I’m working on!

28 thoughts on “WIP Week: Swooning for baby “X”

  1. Hi Sarah – congrats on your new blog! Your baby quilt is beautiful. I wanted to answer your question that you left in the comment on my blog but for some reason you show as a no reply blogger so I can’t email you back?!?!

  2. Oh, the quilt crinkle. I’m a lover of it! I am also a non-prewasher. Do you prewash your fabrics? Try it next time–I’ve never done it but I bet you would get less crinkle. This is a great Swoon quilt! I love it done in the blues for a baby boy. I am trying to resist the Swoon (massive WIP pile threatening to eat me alive) but it is getting harder.

    • I don’t prewash but you’re probably right it might help. I also heard recently that a poly/cotton blend batting will crinkle less. A batting test would make a great blog post!

  3. Dropped by from TGIFF – gorgeous quilt and I love your additions to make it rectangular, they make it a bit different to all the rest that are out there and that’s what caught my eye. I too can’t bear the washed look of a quilt so after washing I iron them while they’re still incredibly damp (almost wet) and that way I can get them incredibly flat and pretty much ‘like new’ again! 🙂

    • Oh interesting! I never thought of ironing post wash… I remember as a child thinking it was incomprehensible that my grandma ironed her sheets… I usually don’t do it but now I at least understand the impulse.

  4. Gorgeous! I just finished my swoon quilt, and found the flickr groups great. Basically you just need to sign up for a Flickr account, and you can upload your photos on there, and join like minded groups. The best thing is that you can use the HTML coding of your photos on Flickr for your blog posts! Here is the Swoon group, oh actually there’s two – http://www.flickr.com/groups/swoon2013/ http://www.flickr.com/groups/1904864@N22/ I hope that’s helpful!

    • Thanks, that is helpful! I think it’s just a matter of getting into the rhythm of something new. For some reason I’m not good at adopting new technology… I know, I know Flickr isn’t new but it is to me. Maybe I’m just getting old. 😉 I will try it though because I think it’s fun when people have a Flickr feed on their blog with fresh pictures each day.

  5. Lovely quilt and beautiful blocs. I will sure come back to look your other blocs.
    You are right about bed quilts. But you know, there are people who just like to do things different. Just because it possible! I am one of them, but not with bed quilts.

  6. This totally counts as a finish, a blink of an eye and that binding will be sewn down. Clever addition with the stripes, does make it stand out from the pack. Ah, the old quilt crinkle debate! I go back and forth too … my grandma never washes quilts and instead just spot cleans them in an effort to preserve that original smoothness. I did wash my rainbow herringbone quilt as since it is for a baby I didn’t want there to be any surprises.

    • Thanks for visiting Molli! I am going to be starting a quilt for my MIL soon and she says she’ll never wash it- just fold it back off the bed each night. But yeah, that’s not really an option with quilts that kids use! They’re bound to get peed on, thrown up on, or worse. 🙂

  7. A beautiful quilt.I’m working on a Swoon right now, and yes I know what you mean about the HSTs turning out a bit small. I cut my pieces at 4″instead of 3 7/8 and trimmed then,just to make sure!

  8. Sarah – this is a wonderful quilt. I love the colors. I haven’t tried a swoon yet, but I’m always up for a challenge – perhaps later. You must get on to flickr. It’s really easy and fun to see all the photos. Let me know if you would like help.

  9. I have made a couple of Swoon quilts and one for a little great niece and I wish I had thought of the stripes because I like the rectangular quilts too. I love the colours you chose and I’m sure the mom is going to love this. Karen

  10. Sarah, those stripes are the best “border” !! I am typically not a border girl but I love how yours look! Are you on Instagram? I think it is more fun than Flickr although Flickr is a fun place too.

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  13. Your quilt looks lovely! I bought this pattern from Camille also but I havent seen some measurements before (still learning!) And wondering what does 3-7/8 mean??

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